New York Daily Fantasy Sports Suit: State’s Appeal as of Right to the Court of Appeals Lets the Games Continue, For Now

After the Appellate Division, Third Department declared virtually the entire 2016 Interactive Fantasy Sports Law that had authorized daily fantasy sports games in the New York unconstitutional, it wasn't long before the State appealed the decision to the Court of Appeals. Doing so imposes an automatic stay of enforcement of the Third Department's order, which... Continue Reading →

The Sua Sponte Merits Track: How the Court of Appeals Decides Appeals Without Oral Argument

Not every appeal that the Court of Appeals decides is rendered after full briefing and oral argument. While most are, there is another way. A quicker and cheaper way (for parties who care about those kinds of things). After an appeal is filed with the Court of Appeals, whether taken as of right or after... Continue Reading →

How to Take an Appeal as of Right to the Court of Appeals: The 2017-2018 Normal Course Appeals as of Right

It's not often that you find a case that has the direct right to go to the Court of Appeals. Unlike the Appellate Division to which almost everyone has the right to appeal without permission, the Court of AppealsĀ is a court of extremely limited jurisdiction. Precious few instances exist that give a party the right... Continue Reading →

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