Welcome to the New York Appeals blog. Ever since I left Court of Appeals Hall on the last day of my clerkship in 2010, I’ve wanted to build a site for lawyers, law students, litigants, and anyone else who may be interested in new and interesting developments of New York law and what’s happening in the New York appellate courts. Whether it’s an appeal as of right on an important question of state constitutional law, a conflict among the Appellate Division departments, or a super nerdy procedural or jurisdictional issue, the New York Court of Appeals and the Appellate Division decide cases every day that affect how the law works. This site will hopefully help to break down those cases and other leaveworthy developments in New York law.

How to Take a Case to the Court of Appeals

I also try to provide some insight into how to take a case to New York’s highest court, and what you need to know to give your case the best chance to succeed.

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